Amnesia II OPEN

Andy sat in his bed, a cold towel pressed against his forehead as CC went to call a doctor. This morning when they came to get Andy, they woke him up and he didn’t remember any of them. He had started screaming and even tried to call the cops, claiming he had strangers in his house. 

When they asked his name, he didn’t know. They asked him who was Black Veil Brides, and he had no idea. They asked him simple questions, then harder questions, but he knew nothing. Of course, when they asked what happened, he didn’t know. 

As he laid there, playing with the stuffed toy with a bat symbol on it, he heard someone coming. When they walked in, he eyed them, hoping they knew he had no idea what was idea. 

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    Andy bit his lip for a moment to collect his thoughts. “Well, I didn’t remember you, so my first thought was ‘okay, I...
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    Josh smiled softly and stayed there. “Hey… When I kissed you in the hospital. What did you really think?”